Rot and more Rot

Water Damage to all the walls.

Unfortunately this Sunrader has seen it’s share of water on the inside. We removed the couch and the wall are water stained all long the bottom, The wall behind the kitchen vent is disintegration. As we removed more items to get a feel for how far along the decay had progressed, it did not look good. The cabinet frames we made of the old particle board that responds to water by soaking it up and then falling apart. When we lifted the couch frame the screws pulled through the wood.

My wife has a very sensitive nose and going into this she said all she smelled was decay. I want a really cool Sunrader and think it is easier to work with a fresh slate than try to repair and replace items. So, we decided that the Sunrader needs to be gutted to walls.

I had not planned to do it this way but it does make me feel better about the final outcome. Stay tuned for more.

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