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1990 SunRader

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Last year, 2018, I purchased a 1990 Toyota Sunrader with only 55,000 mile on it. The 3.0 engine is considered a strong engine and, taken care of, is good to 200,000

It is considered a mini-motor home/ RV. I just finished working on an old travel trailer and have decided to make this my next special project. It looks to be fun but challenging. I plan to document my progress and thoughts here.

I flew out to California, checked it out and drove it home.
I had some excitement around Flagstaff, Arizona when I had a flat tire. I ended up replacing all six. I knew that would have to happen sooner or later, but I had hoped on later.

The rest of the drive was just plain fun. I stopped where I wanted. Checked out the sites. I slept in state parks, rest areas, and parking lots. My Sunrader performed flawlessly. I had my own shower, stove, restroom, dinette, and bed. I was in heaven, while it lasted.

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